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Adult Vaccination Awareness Challenge


Adult Vaccination Awareness Challenge

Region: Emerging markets


The importance of vaccines in creating healthy societies is more apparent now than at any time in recent history. In response to that, Pfizer is pursuing new, innovative ways to increase vaccination awareness. We want to lead the medical and scientific communities in encouraging people, and especially at-risk patients, to be proactive in protecting their health and well-being.

Challenge Statement

Pfizer is dedicated to ensuring that people everywhere have access to life-saving vaccines. To accomplish this, we need to build awareness of vaccine-preventable diseases and educate people on the safety and effectiveness of our vaccines.

Our pursuit of increasing vaccination awareness focuses on the following areas of the patient journey:

Information and Education

Infant vaccination awareness is prevalent among parents and caregivers. Conversely, there’s a lack of vaccine awareness among adolescents and adult populations who may have significant health needs for them. In response, we’re looking for ways to:

  1. Generate awareness among both HCPs and the overall patient population regarding the necessity and benefits of our vaccines.
  2. Identify and engage with medical center patients, who may benefit from vaccines, by engaging them in HCP discussions (e.g., Electronic Medical Record Clinical Decision Support).
  3. Deliver clear, educational messages to both adolescents and adults regarding vaccine recommendations.

Access and Administration

A key challenge in building immunity is getting vaccines to the people most in need. To solve that problem, we’re seeking new ways our patients can access our vaccines via the following:

  1. Establish new distribution channels (e.g., e-prescriptions, home vaccinations)
  2. Innovate in delivery and administration methods (e.g., HCP to administer injection on demand)

At Pfizer, we believe in the power of medicine to contribute to the greater good of humanity. As a leading vaccine manufacturer, this challenge is part of our commitment to investing in equity.

Selection Criteria

  • This solution will adhere to all local legal and compliance requirements, including and not limited to data/message retention and regulatory compliance.
  • Previous experience w/patient engagement &/or customer communication & management in regulated environment
  • Solution fit to the proposed need, considering the expected outcomes
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Patient impact
  • Innovative solution
  • Ease of pilot implementation
  • Scalability
  • Time to market and market risk
  • Differentiation of solution w/in the competitive landscape
  • Capability to execute solution


A challenge winner was selected and a pilot program is currently running in India.