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How It Works

Let’s work together to develop innovative solutions for patients.

Pfizer’s Breakthrough Change Accelerator (BCA) is a platform for bringing transformational change to the intersection of healthcare and technology. We identify business opportunities in disciplines that can benefit from open innovation. We then launch Healthcare Innovation Challenges conducted in collaboration with external partners. And that’s where you come in.

The Breakthrough Change Accelerator is managed by Pfizer’s Digital Innovation Lab. The Lab oversees a range of initiatives applying digital capabilities to better enable drug discovery, accelerate clinical development, enhance patient and provider engagement, and improve patient outcomes on a global scale.

What you’ll get

The Breakthrough Change Accelerator challenges place you and your organization in an environment of discovery and innovation. Some of the advantages you’ll experience as a challenge winner include:

  • Opportunities to collaborate with world-class scientists and digital health experts across a range of therapeutic areas
  • Access to a global network of healthcare hubs that can provide opportunities for scale in new markets
  • Mentorship from a wide range of skillsets that could help fine-tune your product
Let’s work together to develop innovative solutions for patients.

How it works

  • Application Process
    Application Process

    If your company or institution has a solution that can solve one of our Healthcare Innovation Challenges, there is an easy online application process to get things started. You tell us how you can specifically meet our challenge criteria, and we'll give you honest feedback on your entry. Even if you don't advance in that challenge, you’ll be on our radar for future opportunities.

  • Selection of Finalists
    Selection of Finalists

    Once the application window closes, we’ll review all entries and short-list a select group of finalists to pitch their solution to our panel of experts.

  • Product Acceleration
    Product Acceleration

    For challenges that include custom development to demonstrate your product capabilities applied to our specific challenge, we’ll provide oversight and, optionally, a robust data science sandbox with relevant business data for AI-based challenges.

  • Final Pitch
    Final Pitch

    You'll have an opportunity to showcase your solution to the challenge panelists. After all pitches and/or demos, the panel will regroup internally and complete an internal scoring process. If and when a winner is chosen, we will make the announcement!