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Our Approach

Designed to tackle some of healthcare’s most complex challenges.


We recognize that to address many of the challenges in healthcare, collaboration is key. Our Digital Innovation strategy aims to leverage transformational digital capabilities to:

Expand Drug Discovery Capabilities
  • Insights into new targets
  • Ability to understand & predict patient response
  • Automate operational processes
Accelerate Drug Development
  • Redefine recruitment & screening
  • Bring the trial to the patient
  • Streamline tasks & acclerate regulatory submissions
Enhance Health Outcomes
  • Improve disease prediction & detection
  • Facilitate accurate & efficient diagnosis
  • Enable treatment access
  • Enhance disease management

At Pfizer we have built a Digital Innovation Community which includes a centralized Global Digital Innovation Lab as well as an International network of local Healthcare Hubs to engage with our ecosystem partners.

Ecosystem Partners

Carefully selected in targeted innovation communities, our portfolio of ecosystem partners enable us to identify the latest technologies that can address our areas of focus as well as sites well equipped to test these breakthroughs in the real world.

Universities and students are inventing, researching and developing novel health applications for digital technologies and are cultivating the talent needed to bring these applications to life
Startups and thought leaders are creating new technologies and are scaling them to solve health issues faster than traditional biopharma industries alone could hope to achieve
Health Institutions
Hospitals and other research organizations have a direct pulse on the patient and can mobilize participants to contribute and advance novel health solutions in clinical practice to develop an evidence base for broader adoption
Non Profits
Patient advocacy groups and think tanks understand the needs of a patient and their desired experiences, and can provide first-hand feedback on new digital prototypes to ensure that the patient is at the center of any development
Venture capital organizations operate portfolios of startups that can be plugged into address specific opportunities
Incubators / Accelerators
Incubators and Accelerators are providing expertise and support to nurture new companies to be successful. We partner with a number of these organizations across different geographies to scout for new solutions as well as mentor and support their cohorts.

Operating Model

We believe that true innovation is achieved through a combination of invention + adoption. Accordingly each part of our Digital Innovation Community is designed to fulfil a respective role - the Healthcare Hubs fuel invention while the Digital Innovation Lab ensures adoption and scale.

Digital Innovation Lab

The Digital Innovation Lab - headquartered in the US - works closely with each of the different Pfizer Global departments to identify opportunities for open innovation. The Lab is then responsible for driving focused experimentation with technology partners, scaling up projects where appropriate and sharing learnings across countries.

Healthcare Hubs

Our network of Healthcare hubs act as our eyes and ears on the ground in specific innovation ecosystems around the world. They scout for new Health Tech or Health System partners, highlight local innovation partnership opportunities and support in the execution of proof of value experiments. They also act as our local country subject matter experts for Health Tech partners wishing to scale to new international markets.

All Hubs
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  • Brussels
  • Digital Innovation Lab
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  • Freiburg
  • Helsinki
  • Istanbul
  • London
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  • São Paulo
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