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Emerging Markets Oncology Challenge


Emerging Markets Oncology Challenge

Region: Emerging Markets


Improve new treatment initiation for metastatic breast cancer (mBC) patients.

Challenge Statement

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and low awareness about treatment options in Emerging Markets, fewer patients who have been diagnosed with mBC are initiating new treatment.

We are looking for a digital solution that will address the following:

  • Find and connect with the right patient *cohort
  • Create awareness (about disease progression)
  • Impart knowledge and enable patients / care-givers to have informed discussions with HCPs about alternate treatment options
  • End-to-end service (concierge): create awareness with right cohort, suggest treatment options, enable patients to have informed discussions with HCPs, ensure new treatment initiation for mBC patients

*Target cohort: Women age 35 – 65 working / non-working-class urban population (and their caregivers) who have been diagnosed with stage III – IV metastatic breast cancer. They may seek second opinion to confirm disease and will consult with their oncologist to explore treatment options. They may previously have experience with cancer and have achieved remission. This could be a reoccurrence and at a metastatic stage. They may be self-pay or have private insurance patients.

Selection Criteria

  • This solution will adhere to all local legal, regulatory, and compliance requirements, including and not limited to data/message retention.
  • Proposal addresses the challenge statement, and is designed to deliver the expected outcome
  • Proposal is cost-effectiveness and scalable, with a high patient impact. A pilot program should have high ease of implementation
  • Solution is innovative and differentiated within a competitive landscape
  • Company has previous experience with patient and/or customer engagement, communication, and management in a highly regulated environment
  • Company has capability to execute the program