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Metaverse Innovation


Metaverse Innovation

Region: Global


Pfizer’s Global Clinical Supply (GCS) organization enables a patient-focused, end-to-end, integrated digital and physical supply chain to help ensure the highest quality experience for clinical trial participants, investigators, and staff.  GCS colleagues work cross-functionally – from discovery to development to lifecycle planning – with the primary mission to deliver clinical supplies and information efficiently, thoroughly, and seamlessly to clinical trial sites around the world. Pfizer GCS relies on its robust capabilities, constant innovation, and strong network of collaborators to help advance the development of breakthrough medicines and vaccines that change patients’ lives. 


Pfizer is looking to develop a Clinical Supply Asset Library in VR that will allow colleagues around the world to virtually collaborate on package designs. This will result in time savings for the review and approvals needed for packaging before a clinical trial begins.

A digital workflow, with an appropriate level of automation, will be necessary to import 3D objects into our third-party VR platform that will host this Asset Library. These objects may be the result of scanning physical objects, consuming 3rd party CAD designs or creating 3D versions of existing 2D rendered images. 

The result of this challenge will be the identification of software and devices, plus development of the procedures needed to build out a repeatable process that is scalable across our global teams.

Potential Solutions:

Software that would provide some level of automation to do post-production of 3D object scans that are fit for import into a VR environment such as following industry standard specifications. Some manual work is expected but the workflow should be automated enough as to save time and not require a high level of design skills (unless customized interactions are required).

Selection Criteria

Has demonstrated capabilities in one or more areas that will help us achieve our goals of the challenge. This may include:

  • 3D scanning of small objects in great detail
  • ability to intelligently convert 2D graphics into workable 3D objects
  • automated refinement of 3D digital objects that are to scale and supports the .IFX or similar format
  • can provide some level of automation around customizing interactive components for 3D objects such as moving parts
  • configurable workflow to support the entire process from job submission to 3D object consumption in the metaverse
  • Has a product in the market today with proven traction and a roadmap for their expansion and scale
  • Good financial health




Application portal closes -  July 30th, 2023 

Finalists pitch to Pfizer - August 2023

Winner notified - September 2023