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Pfizer x Chinaccelerator Vaccine
Open Innovation Challenge


Pfizer x Chinaccelerator Vaccine Open Innovation Challenge

Region: China


We believe it is essential to ensure the health and welfare of future generations. Currently, there’s a concerning lack of awareness of the need for infant pneumococcal vaccinations among both parents and health care providers (HCPs) in China.

This open innovation challenge, Pfizer’s first in China, aims to rectify that issue. Developed in partnership with Chinaccelerator, a VC/accelerator focused on B2B digital startups, the goal of this challenge is not only to raise awareness of infant pneumococcal vaccination amongst parents and HCPs, but also to sustain that awareness.

Challenge Statement

There are several key components to this challenge. We aim to:

  • Enhance public awareness of immunization and disease prevention
  • Explore novel ways to provide quality vaccination services to new parents
  • Improve capabilities of disease prevention and control and the dissemination of public health information


Selection Criteria

  • Digitally-focused solutions, but industry, vertical and geography-agnostic
  • Funding stage of Pre-A or later
  • An established team, relatively developed solution, and feasible for implementation and commercialization
  • Proven market-relevant knowledge; technology and operating experience in or for China
  • Strong track record and credibility of the business and its key personnel
  • Experience working with large corporations or investment organizations