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Vaccines Global Innovation Challenge


Vaccines Global Innovation Challenge

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Pfizer is dedicated to the mission of ensuring that patients and medical centers worldwide have access to life saving vaccines. Our current vaccines portfolio covers a wide variety of products and deliver critical vaccines to a broad patient base.

One key element in that mission is to educate patients on the importance of vaccines, mainly in adult and adolescent populations.

As a result of the recent pandemic, the importance of immunization and the communication of important information regarding vaccinations has become more critical, as immunocompromised patients in higher risk groups are looking to take necessary measures to help protect themselves against vaccine-preventable diseases. Pfizer is looking for new and innovative approaches that will address several challenges.

Challenge Statement

Find solutions in the following areas of the vaccine patient journey:

1. Information and Education

In the current state, vaccine awareness is fairly well-established for infants, but not for adolescents and adult populations that could potentially benefit from staying up-to-date on recommended vaccines. We are looking for ways to:

  • Create awareness of the importance, as well as the risks and benefits of recommended vaccines in both HCPs and patients
  • Identify and reach out to patients that are on-label and on-recommendation for vaccines in medical centers and flag them for potential HCP discussions about vaccination
  • Deliver straightforward communication of vaccine recommendations for appropriate adult and adolescent populations

2. Access and Administration

Identify ways that appropriate patients can get access to recommended vaccines, either through new channels (for example e-prescriptions) or delivery/administration (for example HCP to administer injection on demand at clinic or home). These solutions will need to adhere to all local and globally-applicable legal and compliance requirements, including and not limited to data/message retention, privacy and regulatory compliance. 

Selection Criteria

  • Experience and understanding of the challenge statement(s) and local markets where this solution would be deployed.
  • Solution must be compliant with all local and globally applicable legal, compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Solution fit to the proposed need, considering the expected outcomes 
  • Key stakeholder impact (including but not limited to healthcare professionals, consumer, patients and so on)
  • Differentiation of solution within the competitive landscape
  • Scalability
  • Cost-effectiveness (to scale and deploy)
  • Capability of participant to launch the solution in market in 2022
  • Demonstration of total funding requirements for various stages of development
  • Understanding of the value of vaccines to broad population sets in terms of healthcare coverage and productivity impact
  • Access to digital channels for near-real time communication of vaccine education for individual traveling
  • Experience in utilizing public and private data to assess risk to public for particular vaccine-preventable diseases


  • Accepting applicants through Sep 24th, 2021
  • Finalists will be notified early October
  • Pitch Day will be during the Frontiers Health conference, Nov 11-12, 2021


  • Each finalist will have the opportunity to pitch at Frontiers Health in front of a live, global, hybrid audience. A nominal budget for T&E will be provided if they choose to travel for an in-person pitch 
  • Mentorship and guidance from Pfizer experts 
  • Potential opportunity to collaborate on a market launch of the proposal in 2022

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